Hello and Welcome to TaiwanYum!

You’ve found this site most likely because you’re in Taiwan and you’re feeling hungry. You’ve decided to come online and find out just where to eat. Well, if this is you, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

TaiwanYum is here to help introduce you to some of the greatest dining experiences the island has to offer. We scour the streets looking for the best and tastiest food, take pictures of everything, and show you the results. We’ll give you all the details, including the names, addresses, price ranges, and ratings for each place we visit, so you can easily locate the spots we love to eat at.

We hope that this site will be useful enough to find its way to your bookmark toolbar. 🙂

About the Author

TaiwanYum is authored and maintained by Lester Lau. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Lester has been living in Taiwan for over ten years, and is a self-proclaimed “food enthusiast.” Lester started TaiwanYum in November 2012, amidst pressure from friends to blog about some of his favorite places to eat on the island. After years of procrastination and a sudden burst of inspiration, TaiwanYum was born.