We have a rating system here on TaiwanYum. Here it is in a nutshell:


Our price ratings are based on a typical meal for one person. This does not include alcoholic beverages as this differs wildly due to varying costs for alcohol and the level of desired inebriation for the patron.

$ – $250NT and Under

This is a really cheap meal. A complete meal for under $10 USD is one of the great things about living in this country! We won’t shy away from meals just because they are cheap; some of the greatest ones are among the least expensive.

$$ – $250 to $500NT

Still a very reasonable meal. Perhaps not one you’d want to eat at every day, but in Taiwan, this kind of money can go a long way, including all-you-can-eat BBQ and hot pot places, etc.

$$$ – $500 to $1000NT

Whoa, the scale just jumped! This is the kind of meal you’ll typically save for the weekend. You can get some pretty fine dining here at this level as well!

$$$$ – $1000 to $1500NT

Now we’re landing in expensive territory. Save these meals for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries!

$$$$$ – $1500+

You can afford this? Can we be friends??


Our rating system for the restaurant itself is based on a few key factors:

  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Price
  • Food

We weigh food more heavily than the others, but the others do contribute to the overall dining experience.

5 Yums – Outstanding

5 Yums

It’s pretty tough for any restaurant to land in this category, but when it happens, it represents the best of the best. For a full 5 Yum rating, the establish has to get everything right: the atmosphere, the service, the prices, and of course, the food. This is an outstanding restaurant that simply must be tried.

4 Yums – Excellent

4 Yums

Restaurants that are in this category are ones I would be glad to return to. They offer terrific food, but perhaps was slightly lacking in one if the other categories. Most great restaurants will fall under this category, so don’t think you’re not going to enjoy it if its not a full 5 yum rating. Make no mistake – these restaurants are excellent.

3 Yums – Good

3 Yums

They’ve got tasty food, but are lacking in at least two of the other categories. Maybe they have high prices and the service was slow. Perhaps the food was tremendous, but it was basically a hole in the wall. Everyone weighs things differently, but we’ll point out what made us give it three Yums and then you can decide of those negative points actually matter to you. Don’t get us wrong – if it’s a 3 Yum place, we wouldn’t hesitate recommending you give it a try or going back ourselves.

2 Yums – Okay

2 Yums

To get a 2 Yum rating, the food has to be mediocre. It’s not particularly tasty or interesting, and on top of that, the restaurant was also lacking in several other categories. If you’re a fan of the genre, happen to be in the area, or drunk, it might be worth try, but even then you may want to reconsider. We would not particularly want to return if we had the choice.

1 Yum – Poor

1 Yum

We’ve reached the bottom of the culinary barrel. These establishments had to have failed miserably on every level to reach 1 Yum status. If you’ve gathered enough courage to try one of these, by all means go on ahead. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you, and remember to bring the Pepto Bismol.